We Embody...

1. Communication as the cornerstone to a successful pre-school experience. 

Daily communication sheets as well as communication provided informally at drop off and pick-up will help to ensure` informed guardians and creates unity between the school and home experience.  Most importantly we contact families immediately in the event of any emergency or child concern.

2. Diversity and an emerging sense of self and emotional security

Our enthusiasm for learning is contagious, we assess you’re your child’s needs and teach through their strengths…. An individual child portfolio will be developed and used to support our understanding each child’s development during his pre-school experience.  Assessment helps to guide the teaching/learning process and enables our teachers to build on your child’s weaknesses through his strengths.  We know every child learns at various individualized levels.  Our goal is to encourage learning through each child’s uniqueness and teach respect and appreciation for each individual and their learning style. 

3. Research-based early childhood educational curriculum and  strategies

The High Scope Curriculum uses a carefully designed method called "active participatory learning" — to achieve powerful, positive outcomes.  The High Scope Preschool Curriculum not only helps young children excel in language and cognitive learning but also promotes independence, curiosity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving — the core components we at Minding Miracles believe help to develop confident, competent children.  

High Scope settings are divided into interest areas stocked with a stimulating range of materials designed for specific types of play, for example, house area, art area, block area, small toy area, computer area, reading and writing area. Children make choices about what they will do, carry out their ideas, and reflect upon their activities with adults and other children. 

4. Ensuring an emotionally sound, physically safe environment. 

Professional training on injury prevention and first aid protocols as well as medication dispersement and storage ensure high quality standards for the health and safety of our students.  Practices for emergencies procedures including fire drills ensures ongoing rapid response to emergency situations.

Daily evaluation of play toys and equipment safety ensure a hazard free environment and prevents incidental injuries.  Secured locked key-pad entrance and alarm system set up for anytime a door opens with specific notification of which classroom is being exited allows speedy awareness to adult and child mobility within our school.  Use of a web-cam in each classroom provides staff and families a sense of security when it comes to identifying specific strategies that work and do not work when it comes to educating young children and meeting state and center quality assurance.